Everyday it’s different

One days it’s happy feeling

Other day it’s day

Next day it’s memorable

Other day it’s harsh

Someday it’s panic

And other day it’s lovely

Feeling is a bunch of fruits

It’s sweet sometimes

It’s sour other times

But it’s a collection of different taste

And at the end we will remember and miss that taste

Which we

Unstoppable journey

I think we have sent to this world for that unstoppable journey, whether you prefer or not… Whether you like it or not… Life will give you a roller coaster ride without asking your interest or without information.

A girl named zoya came to this world with lots of passion desire dreams and with lots of expectations. But the world was completely different from her imaginations. It’s was not as she used to think from her childhood. It was rough, insane, cruel, and hard. But beside all these she loves this world. Sometimes she jingle up with her thoughts. But beside all such negativity she found so many love and affection also. So could she make it as she always wanted or she had to suffer